A sample of our reference clients

and related projects:

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A Finnish company developing a mobility-as-a-service application (Whim) which joins public and private transportation providers into a single mobile service.

* Segmentation and Targeting

* Segment Based Value Propositions

* Packaging & Pricing

* Cost Analytics & Profitability Analysis

* Acquisition & Revenue & Retention Management

* Personalization & Recommendation

* KPI Analytics 


A Turkish Satellite/OTT television and Fixed Broadband service provider.

* Marketing Strategy & Roadmap

* Analytical Subscriber Marketing

* Packaging & Pricing

* Cost Analytics & Profitability Analysis

* Customer Experience Management

* EBITDA Improvement Projects


Biggest airline of the Russian Federation.

* Campaign Management Strategy and Marketing Analytics

* Loyalty Program & Customer Experience Management


Rixos Hotels is a fast growing company with a strong presence in Turkey, UAE, Egypt, Russia and Europe. 

* Data Integration, Data Quality & Business Intelligence

* Online KPI Dashboards and Reporting

* Profiling & Segment-Based Management

* 360° End to End Analytical Marketing Management

* Enhanced Guest Experience 


One of the fastest growing clinics chain in Turkey.

* Segmentation and Positioning

* KPI’s & Renumeration

* Customer Centric Organization

* Customer Experience Improvement

* Sales Channel Efficiency


A retail professional cosmetics and health products brand distributed multinationally.

* Branding

* Channel Development

* Campaign & Offer design


* Optimization of Finance, IT, Human Resources, Sales, Business Development and Advertising Directorate’s processes 

* Improvement of the organizational structure

* Determination of the KPI schemes and the resource requirements


Major newspaper and  digital content publishing company in Turkey. 


The biggest distribution and sales network of publications in Turkey.

* Sales-Focused Transformation

* Effective Dealer Management

* Cost Efficiency Optimization

* Organizational Restructuring

* Process Optimization


 A leader industrial machine sales & lease company providing industrial sales & service solutions to production companies and factories.

* Digital Transformation Roadmap

* Business Intelligence Design

* Big Data & Data Warehouse

* Segmentation & Profiling